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BytesCapital is an incredibly advanced next generation and comprehensive bitcoin investment platform for the majority of investors that are interested in trading and investing in bitcoins. The platform is going to provide the investors with an average of about 4% daily profit share of their investments in Real Estates and Bitcoin mining.

Now, unlike most scam companies offering investment possibilities, ByteCapital is an actual company with a legit and verified address that’s registered in the city of London. It provides legal share certificates to the investors of the bitcoin investment platform and has a check for financial services by the reputable corporation Dun & Bradstreet. Furthermore, the investors are covered by $1,750 insurance by the ByteCapital Limited. They also offer an incredibly interesting affiliate program because of the high commission plan. The first level of entry is going to provide you with a 10% commission on every investment made in the bitcoin investment platform and a further 5% on the next three levels and 3% on the consequent one and a permanent 1% afterwards. You are going to receive far more money from than you would from any other investment company.

My Personal experience

I’ve personally invested $200 in ByteCapital and so far I’ve been compounding every single day. I wanted to check out how fast the transaction and processing periods are so I requested a $12 withdraw yesterday, and it got in my bitcoin wallet in less than an hour which is pretty reassuring.  It’s safe to say that the company is processing withdrawals pretty fast and on a daily basis unlike some other scams out there that are only going to process your payment on a predetermined date. I now have about $380 in my wallet mainly from referrals of friends as well as of my post.

The majority of my friends would ask me if ByteCapital is a scam. While I was sceptical at first, I conducted a thorough research and came to the conclusion that is the real deal. They are absolutely legit and officially registered. They have a good reputation and their payouts are consistent. There are a lot of investors vouching for this particular bitcoin investment platform,and they are definitely providing legit proof that the company is not a scam. I’ve been burnt before, so I made sure that this particular company is thoroughly investigated. You can sign up and invest as little as $10, but I recommend you investing at least $100 in order to receive a daily profit of about $4 every single day.

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