Get Fresh Meal @ Door Steps


In the present world and people with their busy schedules, people are hardly consuming any healthy food. Some, even though try to consume but defer by not finding right healthy ingredients for their meals. Eating healthy food doesn’t mean consuming boiled food or less fat food. Healthy consumption means eating food with all the required nutrients in right quantities. People with their busy schedules often get confused while shopping for their meals specially when buying for the healthy food for their everyday meals. What if someone plans our meals as per required by the families and delivers to home. Imagine a service that picks right ingredients for all your 3 meals for a day and packs it with a healthy recipe guide and delivers at your door step. It would be bless to all the working women and bachelors who barely have any time for cooking every day.  For all the above problems the market has come with new type of solutions in which they deliver all the ingredients required for the meal with a recipe guide. One of the companies that are leading in this type of food industry is “Sun Basket”. Check out the Sun Basket promo code here.

Buy a meal plan and get a meal plan free:

Sun Basket is an independent entity that hand picks the right and 100% organic ingredients for the meals and packs them in an insulated box such that the ingredients remain fresh, and delivers to their customers on a weekly basis. The meal plans are available either per person or to an entire family. The company has an option for variety of meals with all the options such as gluten free, vegetarian, type of meat options, non-GMO diet and many more. The food recipes are also available per requirements of kids. The company offers catchy promotions to their customers signing for the first time. When the customers signs in for the first time for a weekly order plan of 3 recipes the promotional offer provides 3 more free meals for the prior week for free with their first purchase.  The meals provided on a weekly basis are always pre-planned and have variety of options. The 3 meals are sufficient for either 2 days or a day depending on the number of consumers per plan. The food delivery service is certified by USDA (US Department of Agriculture). The meal plans include all the ingredients except the basic ingredients such as salt, pepper, and oil. The meals require basic utensils for the cooking such as cooking pans and knife which should be easily available with the customers. Check out the Sun Basket promo code here.

Certified & 100% freshness:

The service is available in most of the states and is delivered to the customers on time. The orders do not get processed if the delivery time goes beyond their limitations of the time of delivery as the company ensures to deliver the meals fresh to their customers. So, what are you still waiting for?


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