What are the changes to the UK steroid laws being made, if any???


If an individual has gone to UK for a pleasure or holiday, then it is fine. But, if one has gone with an aim to buy steroids there, then he must be aware of the rules and regulations regarding the use of steroids in UK countries. Also, the UK citizens must be aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to the sale or usage of steroids in the UK countries. IN some countries, the steroids are allowed to be used for personal use, but that does not mean that it is legal to import/export them.

Ways to buy steroids in UK:

Before going to buy steroids in UK, one must be aware of the rules and regulations for both foreign travelers as well as the citizens. In other words, one must be aware of the changes to UK steroid laws than other countries. Like other countries, the British laws also states that the purchase, intake or sale of steroids is allowed, if licensed by a doctor. It is legal to use, but it becomes a bit complicated.

The steroids that are meant for sale, the UL guidelines states that anabolic steroids must be rated continuously and controlled as a class C drug. One must know that, as per the UK laws the intake of steroids for non-medical or personal use is legal, but purchase, import, export or receiving the steroid using postal services, freight services, or any other carrier options is illegal. The main concern of the authorities for doing this was to safeguard the individuals from getting the counterfeited or contaminated anabolic steroids.

Also, one should know that while making a purchase of steroids, the UK regulations incur maximum penalties. If there is any conviction found in class C drugs, it may result in legal ramifications of imprisonment of up to two years or unlimited fines. If an individual is found supplying the class C drugs to anyone, then he/she will be sent to jail for 14 years or unlimited fines.

The UK rules and regulations have determined a number of anabolic steroids under class C. Some of them are listed below:

  • Zilpaterol
  • Non-human chorionic
  • gonadotropin
  • Non-steroidal estrogen
  • Clenbutrol
  • HCG
  • Somatropine

The earliest form of steroid manufactured in UK was the testosterone. IN the history of steroids in UK, the usage of the steroids is due to its ability to enhance physical performance of an individual, enhancement in muscle mass, endurance, strength and stamina. IN the 1980’s the bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters were found using the products. The attention towards the steroids is due to their potential of severe side effects and adverse reactions on higher doses for the people around the world. When it comes to the point of importing/exporting, one must be aware of the rules and regulations of the custom department. The individuals must make a research to make the latest rules and regulations, so as to determine the changes to the UK steroid laws, if made any.


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