Anavar Drug to Build Muscle Mass


Anavar is the one of the many famous anabolic steroid drug used by men and women to lose weight and gain muscle body without any major side effects. Women mainly use this to lose unnecessary weight and gain strengthAnavar vægttab resultater is best recommended for those who want to cut muscles and lose weight and gain metabolism. For that woman who wants to add more bulk and muscle it can be increased up to 20mg. Anavar cycle is more famous with women and one of the reasons for that is Anavar cycle is powerful and it does not have any major side effects that are commonly associated with the performance enhancers. Women generally reluctant to use steroids mainly due to the problem it creates in virilization. Mostly Anavar cycle does not know to provide any side effects. But in case if you see any symptoms then please stop using the same and consult with your doctor. There are lots of counterfeits available in the market. People should be careful before purchasing it over the internet. People should check whether it is legal to use the same in their country.

Dosage used in this cycle

A man does not need excess of 100mg dosage per day. But they need to ensure they don’t take anything above 100 mg. People who take this steroid should ensure the limit is below 100 and likewise for women 20mg is the maximum they can take per day. 10mg is enough for most of the people, but some ladies who wants to gain toned body and muscles may use up to 20mg. Overall, Anavar cycle is best known to give lean muscles and toned body for women. But men can also use the same to get more effects on them with having any worries.

Research people feel that effects and negative side are not reported accurately due to the reason they are not legal in many countries. Long time usage of steroid may cause cardiovascular damage. Even the studies conducted in animals also produced alarming results.  Whatever may be the steroid it should not be used for long periods without a break? You should take adequate break in between the cycles to ensure your body system comes back to normal and it is ready to accept external steroids. So it has to be taken only after proper consultation with your doctor. Don’t use any steroid without the proper guidance as the dosage level may affect seriously. Even while using after proper consultation, start using the Anavar with small dosage as it won’t have much effects. But don’t continue for long period as it will lead to side effects. Also using this with other drugs might lead to other side effects it won’t reduce the side effects of Anavar. There are some people who say long time usage of this steroid causes infertility in men though there is no concrete research is there to prove their claim. But it is always wise to stay away from the steroids and use more natural methods to boost up the muscle mass without any external drugs.



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