Five Exercises to Build Muscle At Home


Generally, people think that they need the expensive gym membership or other exercise equipment for a workout routine. You can get good results just by using your own body weight in exercise. If you manage to get a set of dumbbells than there is no doubt that total-body workout can be performed. In this article, we will know about those exercises, which bodybuilding experts have suggested to build new muscle even if you are a staying at home. Your physician will tell you about the legal supplement to replace Clenbuterol.

Running or brisk walking

To perform this action you do not need to purchase any expensive treadmill. You can do it with your own legs and good a pair of quality running shoes. You want to transform your body, concentrate around 70% on cardiovascular exercises. Spending most of your energy on cardio will enhance your stamina. Have a look at runners or cyclists, they are not involved in heavy training rather they do cardio and only cardio. You will not find them doing endless crunches, but even then they are slim. This is because they have a clean diet and most of their calories are burned in physical activities. They do not have calorie surplus which body can store. Find out the legal supplement to replace Clenbuterol before purchasing it.


This is one of the best multi-joint exercises, which you can do at home. This is a simple exercise; you have to stand at your shoulders width. Start by pushing your butt back and bend your knees. You can bend knees to make a 90° angle. You can also go down. Keep your chest up and maintain the natural curve of your back. Try to maintain this position throughout the exercise.


This is a great exercise for shoulders, chest, and triceps. Start this exercise by placing your hands on the ground 2- 3 inches wider than your shoulder. Squeeze your abs and glutes and raise your body up and down by bending your elbows. If you cannot perform a push-up, then try doing the same on an inclined surface. You can also use the same technique against a wall and as you progress, do it on the ground or declined surface.


This is a wonderful exercise to tone your midsection. This is like any other exercise, but if you will overdo this, you may face a problem in your lower back. I have seen many people doing endless crunches in the very beginning of the fitness routine. Actually, they cannot understand that crunches are like any other exercise and if you keep on doing crunches, it will not take the fat away from your midsection rather it will create a problem.


You can do this exercise with weights or without weights. Take a big step forward and bend your knees at 90° angle. You have to take every step in the same manner. If you can do it comfortably, take dumbbells in your hand and increase the intensity of this exercise as you progress.


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