Holidaying On The Cheap, How To Save Money When Going Away

As going on holiday is becoming more and more expensive due to the economic collapse of recent times and taxes spilling out of every nook and cranny, there is no harm in trying to save a bit of money when away. Whilst enjoying yourself is the main reason for going, that doesn’t mean it can only be achieved with pots of gold. As long as you’re comfortable that is what matters and as long as the corners you cut are there, then what’s the the big deal in adapting some of the suggested techniques below.


  1. a) Rather than booking flights and hotels separately, look into the most updated ‘package deals’. The best place to look for these is on the web.
  2. b) If you are well organised then book far ahead in advance as travel arrangements will work out a lot cheaper.
  3. c) Group bookings are another way to avoid the throttling of overpriced airlines.
  4. d) The time of your flight will also affect the overall cost. As a rule of thumb the later you take off, the cheaper it will be.
  5. e) If you’re on a long haul flight then bring your own blanket.


  1. a) If booking a package holiday, before making any payments, research and read reviews on the hotels offered. If you arrive and the place turns out to be awful, you will either have the choice to grin and bear it or end up forking out for somewhere else which obviously gets costly. However 9 times out of 10, you will be more than happy with your accommodation.
  2. b) Always sort out your own transport regarding car rentals and booking taxis. Many establishments have a comfortable commission scheme with these such businesses so going out and scouting deals for yourself will be a lot cheaper.
  3. c) Make sure to utilise all of the rooms freebies such as soap, the shower gels and shampoos.
  4. d) Do your laundry in the bath or the sink. Hotel laundry services are so expensive most of the time that it’s not even worth looking into. As long as you’ve got a chair on the balcony you’ll be fine.
  5. e) Drag yourself out of bed in the morning if breakfast is included in your package. Most hotel meals are buffet style so you know what to do. In fact, if your pockets are big enough I’m sure no-on will miss a few bread rolls.

Food and drink

  1. a) Stock up on your bottles of water. The deals most supermarkets give when buying in bulk is normally the same price as one bottle at the local shop on the main strip or in the hotel!
  2. b) Stay away from the minibar. There is not one of these in the whole wide world that is worth its value.
  3. c) There is nothing like some high protein snacks to keep you full during the day. Peanuts, fish strips and broad beans are all great examples of these. One I tend to go for and definitely recommend are the honey roasted sunflower seeds. Not only are they 7% protein, they also contain enough sugar in them to energise you after a day sweating in the sun.
  4. d) If you like to have a few drinks then buying big bottles of spirits or crates of beer are an economical gem. Due to most holiday resorts bumping up their prices in the bars and clubs, a night out can get very pricey. A few cheeky ‘warmups’ can be great before heading into town as not only will your pocket be heavier, getting tipsy watching the sun go down is always delightful.


  1. a) Atms seem to the banks new road to riches. Withdrawal fees are astronomical when taking out money abroad and the exchange rate you get will be awful
  2. b) Take a reasonable amount out at home then change your money when you get there.
  3. c) Don’t go straight for the banks as many individual operations will offer you a better exchange than those huge co-operations.
  4. d) Find out what is an acceptable tip to leave hotel staff and waiting employees at restaurants. If you tip too generously, in the long run it can upset the whole economic system by people trying to live beyond their means.
  5. e) Consider using travelling cheques as if you lose them, they can be replaced without lowering your bank balance too much.

As you can see there are a lot of options when it comes to saving money on holiday. Whilst trying to adapt all of these into your time away will result in severe headache, picking a few of your favourites will contribute to your relaxed state of mind and result in you enjoying your holidays as much as possible.

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