How carpentry is booming across the world

Wood is one of the world’s oldest building materials. Whilst little has been historically written about carpentry, a number of historical sites are still around. In China, the Buddhist Nanchan Temple built in the year 782 is still in relatively good condition. The Greensted Church in Norway still has some parts standing from the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries. Russia has a large number of very unique buildings and museums. Many were built hundreds of years ago and still stand to this day. And, despite the many changes and advances in construction methods, carpentry is still recognised and in demand today all over the world. As a carpenter, have you considered the possibility that your work may still be viable centuries from now? Carpenters are needed not only in the UK but throughout the world whether it be for custom made kitchens in Loughborough or for traditional joinery in Market Harborough.

Carpentry in the Commonwealth

Australia has one of the best economies on the planet. Carpenters and joiners can usually find work there. The country seldom, if ever, experiences economic recessions or depressions.

In Canada, many of the buildings were built with perfection in mind. They are beautifully constructed architectural masterpieces.

Carpenters in New Zealand are busy rebuilding homes and communities that were damaged and destroyed in recent earthquakes.

Unusual, but interesting

If your interest in carpentry extends to something a little different, China builds scaffolds with bamboo! Some buildings are quite tall because they have been built on other buildings–homes on top of homes. A space-saving endeavor much needed in some of the highly populated areas.

Craftsmen whose skills extend to sculpting wood are sure to find something of interest in Africa. Whilst many African houses lack luxury and conveniences, they are often transformed into works of art with their owners’ sculpting skills. It truly reflects the old adage, ‘When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade’.

Haiti is still rebuilding their nation after their horrible earthquake. Undeterred, and needing more skilled carpenters, they are continuing to move forward in the rebuilding effort.

Home builders and commercial construction companies across the United States are also struggling to keep up with the growing demand. Building sites and home development projects are sorely in need of woodworking professionals.

Closer to home

In Europe, carpenters may find situations harder to find. Competition is brisk from a fast growing population of immigrants and those coming from eastern Europe. And in developing countries, although the need is great, wages are probably much less than the going rate in more established countries.

Looking at the ‘big picture’, though, it appears that carpenters won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. There are more than enough opportunities.


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