Lace Wigs

There are different lace wigs serving customers for different purposes like there are lace front wig, full wig and many more.

Lace Front Wig:They are made up of a thin lace which is extended from one ear to another ear across the line of the hair. They are same as that of ladies hair wigs of back and side of the unit. The main purpose of this type of wig is to create a new hairline.

Full Lace Wig:They are made with a cap upon which the lace is put at the top of the cap. They will have the lace in every side of the unit from this all side of the unit you have to cut .You will cut the hair line from your whole head instead of cutting one side only. If you have done this you are able to wear your hair in away according to your wish.

The Life of your lace wigs depends upon you how much care you provide to it or how safely you wear it.Professional of the hair stylist make the manufactures the lace wigs

Hair Prosthesis: It is a custom made wig which is designed for a specific people, especially for those patients who are suffering from any disease such as chemotherapy or any other disease or hair loss. From 1950’s doctors have been prescribing this these prosthesis. This technique is advance due to latest technologies and is different from other wigs.

Types: There are different types of hair prosthesis like Samantha (which is a light weight cranial prosthesis with the whole base material. A poly material is present at its top and back to provide the security.Another type is Lauren (It is a human hair prosthesis made with a natural base material ).These all are the types or the techniques for the hair prosthesis of a human.

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