Cyber crime is one of the fastest spreading type of crimes in the world. It is the biggest threat to privacy and secrecy of organizations. Most of the people involved in cyber crimes are students, who are learning to protect their systems in schools, but apply their experiments and personal theories in an opposite way. This is why for IT consulting is important.

Cyber security

It is same as providing security to the information system of the business from damage or theft of hardware, software and business information. It also provides security from misdirection and disruption of services.

Ransom ware

It is a type malware, which is usually delivered through infected email attachments, website featuring ads and hacked websites. It encrypts files on a computer and renders them unusable without knowledge to the user. The user would have to pay a ransom to malware operator to get rid of the restriction. It is this malware due to which cybercriminals are making millions of dollars.

Punishment for cyber crimes

Even when things like cyber security have been installed in companies and banks, there is still a percentage of cyber crimes being reported around the world. There are a lot of offenses that  fall under the category of cyber crimes, such as:

  • data theft
  • child pornography
  • access for fraudulent purposes
  • unlawful access or use
  • harassment
  • bullying

Each crime has a different penalty as per the severity of the case. The traditional methods of cyber security are not sufficient enough to deal with the changing trends of ransom ware viruses. Companies need to update their cyber security systems on regular basis to remain protected. Otherwise the consequences can be difficult to deal with. There are softwares available which can protect a whole lot of information and data. There are professionals who can help you with the process and you’re your computer information system secure. Companies are advised to hire cyber security professionals to install these softwares, to avoid cyber attacks in future.

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