Pertinent Questions to help you Choose Digital Agency London

If you are in the process of searching for a digital marketing agency London to spearhead the growth of your online business, you are probably overwhelmed with the large number of agencies trying to get your attention. Since all you need is real value for your money, it is within your rights to ascertain beyond reasonable doubts that the company you are about to hire is the best suited to take care of your digital marketing needs. Here is a list of some thoughtful and smart questions to help vet the right digital agency London for your marketing needs-:

What is their experience?

It is important to know the level of experience possessed by the digital agency London before you hire them. Of great concern to you is not the cumulative experience but rather the number of years they have been in operation and if they are experienced in your vertical. If they don’t have direct experience in the particular digital marketing services you want, even with 100+ years of experience, they will be of no use to you.

Who will be handling your Account?

It is easy for a digital agency London to claim that they have over twenty years of experience and that a real digital marketing professional will be handling your account. However, you need to know the name of the particular person who will be responsible for your account. Digital marketing is expensive and the last thing you want is to hire a digital agency London who will give your account to a fresh intern to manage.

Do they offer Performance Guarantees?

In as much as you want results from the digital agency London, you should be very cautious with those who give guarantees on performance. For instance, if the company guarantees to give you position one ranking in Google, simply take to the hills. This is because performance guarantees are never possible when it comes to digital marketing and the best you can do is to set clear goals to guide your engagement with the agency, but there should never be any guarantees.

Do you have references for current clients?

This sounds like a standard question but a very pertinent one when dealing with digital agency London. You need to ask them to provide you with a list of references of their present clients so that you can do a follow up to help you make you decision on their suitability of taking up on your digital marketing needs. Find out from the present clients if they are happy with the services of the digital agency London, why they chose the agency, if the agency is helping them achieve their goals and such like questions.

Do you homework

After asking these and many other questions and before you settle for any particular digital agency London, you need to do due diligence and dig up more information about the company. For instance, you can check for reviews on the internet from their past clients and you can also check their rating on the BBB and if they have any pending complaints. In this manner, you will greatly enhance your chances of finding the right digital agency in London.


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