How to Remove Date Stamp from Your Photos


Many digital cameras put timestamp on the lower right corner of the photo to remind you the exact time when the photo is taken. Most people don’t know how to make adjustment to the setting on their cameras to prevent a date and time from showing on their photos so they simply did not do anything about it. If you have lots of photos waiting for you to remove the timestamp, you should get a photo stamp remover tool. Lots of photo editing software includes an object removal tool that can be used for removing timestamp such as Movavi Photo Editor. The following are 3 steps on how to use Movavi Photo Editor to eliminate the timestamp from your photos without any effort. 

  1. Transfer Your Photos to the Software

The first step is to transfer the photos with the date stamps onto your computer. Next, you can proceed to open the photos in the Movavi Photo Editor by dragging them to the work area. If the photo dimension is too large, you can drag the zoom out slider to the left until it fit into the work area screen. The zoom in/out slider is the slider at the bottom that features a minus to the left and a plus to the right. By zooming out on a large picture, you will be able to see the date stamp clearly.

  1. Removing a Timestamp with the Object Removal Tool

Since you are removing the timestamp which is a blemish, you need to go to the object removal tab. When the object removal tab is opened, you must select the red brush tool and paint the entire timestamp in red. Finally, you must click on the Start Erasing button and it will magically disappear from the photo. Movavi Photo Editor can effectively process the image and restore the pixels on the erased spot to the pattern in the surrounding area quickly. After you have removed the timestamp, your photo will definitely improve and look more professional.

As you can see, this is an easy thing to do and you can repeat the steps to remove time stamp from all the other photos. It only takes a second for the photo stamp remover to erase the time stamp from the photo. If it did not perfectly erase away the timestamp, you can select the clone stamp tool and use it to smoothen the distorted pixels so that no one will know that there is a timestamp that used to appear there.

The magic wand tool is handy for selecting adjacent areas that has the pattern that you want to replace on the erased timestamp. The lasso tool can help in outlining the unwanted time stamp so that it is easier for you to use the red brush tool to mark it. If you make mistake, you can select the eraser and erase the excess red marks. There are a few keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make yourwork easier. For example, you can make a selection larger or smaller by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P or Ctrl + Shift + M respectively.

You can also adjust the variation slider to see how it work on your photo. You can save the photo in JPG to preserve the quality of the image and compress it to a smaller size at the same time. You can adjust the JPEG quality by dragging the slider. If you wan to preserve your photo in a transparent background, you should save it in formats like png, DPX, or TGA.

  1. Don’t Switch to another Tab While Working on the Photo

When you are working on removing the time stamp, you should not switch to another tab. If you switch to another tab, all your work will be lost and you will have to mark the timestamp again to remove it. Before you go to another tab, make sure you have already saved the picture by pressing on the export button. There are a few other tools aside from the red and green brush tools in the object removal tab.


In conclusion, the object removal tool in Movavi Photo Editor is a convenient tool for removing the date stamp from your photo. Timestamp is a distraction and removing it will make your photo cleaner. The traditional way of removing the timestamp is to use a clone stamp. Many people are not willing to sacrifice hours just to remove the date stamp on the photo. If you have taken a lot of photos and all of them have date stamps, it is going to take a lot of time to get them removed from them neatly without damaging the photo. With Movavi Photo Editor, you can remove time stamp from all your photos in no time.


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