UMI Super Smartphone Review Of Specifications & Features


With regards to smartphones nowadays, many of us be prepared to pay more than $600 for a new released flagship smartphone. Even though, the definition associated with flagship offers definitely transformed in the past few years. Because of companies such as Motorola as well as OnePlus within the west, we’ve started seeing range topping smartphones in prices below $400. Nicely UMI searching for to take that the step additional with their most recent smartphone, called the UMI Super 3G smartphone. The UMI Super is a nice interesting gadget here, it is priced below $200, however doesn’t possess the most luxurious specs. Just how does the UMI Super build up against the competitors? We’ll discover in our review for the features and specifications of UMI Super smartphone, have a look;

Operating System

The telephone runs on the Google Android operating system that is currently the most widely used platform available on the market. The UMI Super comes with latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow that is the newest Google Android version accessible.


The actual UMI Super features a 13 mega pixel primary camera that will produce top quality photos. The 5 megapixel front digital camera makes it a great selfie cell phone. It can catch 1080p HD video using its primary digital camera which is highest MP camera in any low price smartphone with LED Flesh light.


The UMI Super has a 5.5 inch display screen that is a little bigger than an average smartphone released in 2016. Because the screen has ended 5.3 inches, this particular phone additionally qualifies like a phablet. This too means that for many users, the phone will be to be able to use along with one hands when compared to cell phones with smaller sized screens. The actual screen features a resolution of just 1920 X 1080 -pixels, making it the 1080p HD screen. Screen sharpness could be measured within the density associated with pixels for each square inch of display screen, and at 401 PPI, it can 1.4th times crisper than the typical smartphone on sale since 2016.

Battery life

The UMI Super has a long talk period of more than 48 hours, considerably longer compared to 11 to 12 hours, the average associated with smartphones additionally released in 2016. In terms of electric battery capacity, that is the actual electrical charge the actual battery retains, this smartphone can hold 4000 mAh, a massive electric battery capacity for the smartphone on sale since 2016.

Processor & Storage

The actual Super contains an Octa core MediaTekHelio G MT6755 system on the chip. Its processor runs in GHz, which is higher than typical for a smartphone processor. Along with 4 GB associated with RAM, the actual Super offers much more memory space than other smartphones released in 2016. The base model of the actual UMI Super offers 32 GB associated with internal storage space, which is a moderate amount in comparison with other mobile phones released in 2016. If 32-GB isn’t sufficient, there are other storage options to increase the volume of storage, you might as well increase the storage an extra 128 GB with a help of SD card.


UMI Super has a lot of specifications and features which make it one of the best smartphone release in 2016 till now but it also offer a very affordable price for its users which is only $200, lowest available price for any smartphone till now.




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