Turning Heads Through Appearance

This summer, it’ll be all too easy to get everyone’s attention when you are poolside at the country club or down at the beach. Thanks to everyone else’s fascination with fashion, you’ll catch them all by surprise when you show up in some of the classiest yet hottest swimwear and related attire.

There’s nothing better than being the best dressed at the pool, even if that means being close to the least dressed as well. When you shop at Ann Summers, you are practically guaranteed to show up in the very best outfit every time.

What do you need for success?

Make sure to invest in a bikini or swimsuit that reveals just the right amount. Too much, and you’ll look like a gal who’s trying to give it all away too fast. Too little, and you’ll look like a prude- or worse, no one will even notice you since you’re covering all too much. You want to find that balance between showing too much and revealing just enough to catch attention. You never want to seem like you are an easy girl, but still, you want to seem approachable, to an extent.

How to get what you want

Wearing the best comes with a price tag, however. But, if you are clever about how and where you shop, you can reduce that price significantly. By shopping online at Ann Summers, you’re already able to cash in on a 70% clearance sale, enhanced by a 20% one-day sale currently going on. In addition to these amazing savings, Ann Summers is also partnering with Groupon. Thanks to their joint Discount Codes, you can enjoy incredible deals all of the time. Be sure to check Groupon’s page regularly and you will find new deals added all of the time.

The jewel of the pool

You’ll certainly be the center of attention of you show up to the pool house wearing Ann Summers. No one need ever know that you bought your swimwear with huge savings using Groupon’s Discount Codes- unless you want to impress them with your brains, too.

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