Using Sky Lanterns at a Wedding

Sky lanterns are an affordable way to add some character and a lot of light to your wedding ceremony/reception. Made out of lightweight paper, sky lanterns can be released into the night just as balloons can.

One interesting way to incorporate sky lanterns into your wedding is for you and your new spouse to release a paper lantern to mark the beginning of or end of your wedding reception. To spread the fun, provide each of your guests with their own sky lantern that they can also release when you and your new spouse do. It becomes even more magical when every sky lantern is lit and released simultaneously.

A simpler way to do so is to simply use them as part of your wedding day décor. They can serve as a whimsical centerpiece for your guest tables at your wedding reception. Each sky lantern can be hung from the ceiling with a piece of string or perhaps even ribbon. These décor items are a great way to mark the entrance to the wedding venue, make the gift table stand out or even mark the dance floor. Ideally the sky lanterns should all be the same shape and color, but you can use various sizes to change things up in your décor. If you have high ceilings in either your ceremony or reception venue you will want to make sure your sky lanterns are large or they will not be seen. Smaller venues generally call for smaller sky lanterns, but you have some flexibility when choosing sizes as long as everything is well balanced.

If you are getting married outdoors you can line your aisle with sky lanterns and put them at the end of each row of guests’ seats. When you line your aisle with your sky lanterns you can arrange flowers around each one. You can also choose to hang them in any trees on your wedding ceremony site.

The beauty of using sky lanterns for both your ceremony and reception is that you can often have them transferred from one location to the other, preventing you from having to purchase or create additional lanterns.

The low amount of light that sky lanterns give off is just enough to create a cozy environment for your wedding. In addition, they can make outdoor weddings and receptions more comfortable on cool days or breezy nights. Overall, using sky lanterns at your wedding will make the entire experience much better.

Sky lanterns are used in some cultures as a traditional part of a wedding. Whether you are following the tradition of your culture or just want to incorporate these easy to use and functional pieces of décor they are a popular choice among couples. While there are safety regulations that must be adhered to when using sky lanterns, many couples feel that the effort is worth it.

The use of sky lanterns at your wedding is a personal decision that should be made based on your desires for your wedding day and the parameters that apply to your wedding.

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