Why Opt for E-Cigs? Because They’re Better

Whether you’re already an e-cig fan or thinking of making the switch, I have a few reasons as to why e-cigs are better.
Heath Benefits to choosing e-cigs.

New research has shown that the toxicant levels in e-cigs were anywhere from 9 – 450 times lower than those in conventional cigarettes. This means that you can still smoke and maintain a better control of your health. And while long-term data is – so far – unavailable, there hasn’t been a lot of data to say that e-cigs are terrible for you.

They’re not seen as a social stigma.

Smokers, in general, have been the target of a lot of ridicule for years now. E-cigs offer some relief from the criticism you might face when daring to smoke in public. Many places allow e-cigs, and you’ll catch fewer glares while you’re walking around town when you use e-cigs, as it’s generally thought of as more “polite”.

Vape Juices to live for!

Now we get to my personal reason for loving e-cigs. The vape juices. Where standard cigars and cigarettes are very limited in the flavors that they come in, e-cigs have limitless possibilities.

You may be looking for the best vape juice to try. Be adventurous, but aware. Not all vape juices are made the same. Make sure that you choose a manufacturer that you can trust otherwise you might get an inconsistent mix.

If you’re looking for some suggestions, though – I have you covered.

My recommendations:

You should absolutely try the Y4 Cuban Tobacco, which boasts a crisp tobacco taste with a touch of caramel, and the faintest hint of vanilla. It’s a subtle and aromatic experience.

Bananaberry Cream Hootch offers a bit of a bite that is complimented by a rich, sweet cream taste and adorned with ripe berries and bananas. Absolutely fantastic!

Chai Latte has never let me down before. It still hasn’t. One of my faves is the Small Batch Chai Latte. It keeps the tradition of spicy, aromatic wonders. Both sweet and creamy yet able to handle bold tones of cardamom and cinnamon. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Last but not least is the Private Reserve Vanilla Custard Tobacco. A mouthful, yes, and you’ll be thankful for it! This vape juice is able to deliver a silky, rich custard taste with delicious vanilla undertones. It tastes super fresh and isn’t overly sweet. It is fantastic!

So why choose e-cigs?

What can I say? They’re awesome. Not only are they better for your health, you don’t have to worry about the social stigmas of smoking. You also get to enjoy a wide variety of tastes and experiences with a limitless amount of vape juice flavors.

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